SSIS Students Raise Money for Children with Congenital Heart Disease

"Last year, we raised money and we were able to save two children's life" -- from Heart to Heart Group Members

SSIS Heart to Heart students with the support of the SSIS service committee made the donation of RMB60,000 to fund surgery and treatment for two children from Guizhou province, who were born with congenital heart disease. With the donation, both children were able to have open heart surgery in Shanghai on September 7th this year.

The two children include a 6-month-old boy, Xu Kaoyu and a 1.5-year-old girl, Zhang Xinyu. Both families are Buyi Minority.

Xu, whose family is of 9 people and only supported by about RMB25,000 per year. They are in debt for RMB30,000.

Zhang, whose family is of 4 people and the income is around RMB30,000 by her father with odd jobs. Her grandfather has a degenerative brain condition and cannot take care of himself. They currently owe RMB100,000.

The surgeries have been successfully completed. Both children did well and only were critical for around 4 days each. They have both been moved to the Recovery Unit now since they are stable and getting much stronger by the day.

Because of the Covid restrictions, H2H members were not able to visit the children in hospital. However, the H2H in Shanghai helped our students to talk to the Xu Kaoyu's family by a Wechat video call. In the call, our students were able to see the child and to hear what impacts the surgery that they sponsored would have on the family. Xu's family expressed their sincere gratitude to everyone from the H2H group in helping them to make it happen.

"It's so heartwarming. We are so happy that the kids are well now, and their parents are relieved and happy", shared by Seohyun and Samantha, two of the H2H lead members, "We are going to raise more money for children in need."

This year, H2H continues to work towards raising more funds. Their next major fundraising initiative is the bake sale in Halloween. They will also collaborate with junior students council to host dances for the middle schoolers and plan more fundraisers throughout the year.

"It takes RMB30000 for one surgery, and our goal is always to raise that amount." , said Seohyun and Samantha.

We are so proud of having such an amazing group of people come together and really make a substantial difference in children's lives.