SSIS Welcome New Parents to Join the Community

This week, SSIS PSP group (Parent School Partnership) has held a welcome event to welcome parents who are new to our community. With more than 100 new parents, members of PSP, school leadership to attend, it was a great way for new families to get acquainted with the school community and make connections.

The Parent School Partnership (PSP) is a parent group with representatives from almost all of the 45 nationalities at SSIS. They work closely with the school to build and maintain good relationships amongst staff, parents, and students by providing a forum that allows for idea exchange and community building.

The president of PSP, Gracie, who is also a mother of Grade 3 student at SSIS gave the presentation and shared many information about PSP service and how it will support parents in different ways. PSP plays an active role in strengthen the partnership between school and home. There are many school events to get involved in school life, such as Baking Group, International Family Day, Welcome event, Christmas Tree Lighting, and Teacher Appreciation Day.

SSIS very much appreciates, values and encourages parent participation in our school.

All parents are welcome to attend the PSP, share their ideas and get involved in future events. There is no better way to learn about the School, make new friends and contribute at the same time!