Suzhou Heritage Club presents to Grade 4

On Wednesday, December 2nd, students from Suzhou Heritage had their first service group activity in school. Prior to the event, they had operated into four distinct groups within the service group, and each group prepared one iconic Suzhou vernacular element, such as Chinese garden, Chinese tea (specifically how it's made in China), calligraphy, and traditional Chinese snacks. They've presented each of these presentations, related to the topics that they have chosen, to four classes from the 4th grade, as they were having their unit which was similar to the objective of the Suzhou Heritage service group.

The outcomes of the activities were great, as most kids, as well as teachers, enjoyed each of the presentations and activities the students from Suzhou Heritage prepared. After each presentation, the students from grade 4 did some activity each group prepared and were afterward rewarded with treats, such as candies or traditional Chinese tea. The students, as well as teachers, liked their presentation, especially the part when they received the candies and treats. Overall, this has been a great experience for both members of Suzhou Heritage, as well as the students from Grade 4, as they also enjoyed the activity, and learned something new about Chinese culture.