Living in Suzhou, China

In contrast to cities like Shanghai, Suzhou enjoys a landscape of fairly low-rise buildings, green leafy parks and a canal system that winds its way through the city. The city itself and outlying area has about 10 million people and is a bustling metropolis that is the best of new and old China. Suzhou boasts buildings over 2,000 years old while modern cutting-edge skyscrapers glimmer in the distance. 

The beauty of Suzhou can be found in its abundance of classical Chinese gardens, which have been added collectively as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The Old Town of Suzhou is abundant with classical gardens, the bells of historical Hanshan Temple,  the majesty of the Beisita Pagoda, and the nearby Suzhou New District showcases natural beauty in the Liuyan, Tianping, Tianchi and Dongting mountains along Lake Tai, one of the largest freshwater lakes in China.

Just a short travel by bullet train from Shanghai, and easy access to numerous waterside cities, Suzhou is an amazing place to live.