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College Counselling

At SSIS, our College Counsellors begin working with students in Grade 9 and increase their assistance and guidance into Grades 11 and 12. We use a “best fit” approach with our students giving them the skills, providing the knowledge, and enabling a deeper awareness to help them make well-informed decisions about their futures. Over the course of the year, SSIS receives many visits from universities and colleges world-wide. During these visits, our students and families are able to gather information about the courses offered, ask questions, and explore the possibilities each institution may offer.

Our Counsellors

Our College Counselling team is uniquely experienced to help our students make informed choices about their courses and pathways that compliment their strengths and future goals.

Visiting College Reps

Throughout the school year, we welcome the opportunity to host post-secondary institution visits from around the world.

University Matriculation

Beginning with our first graduates in 2005, SSIS students have been accepted into 375 universities and colleges in 21 countries across the globe.

Speaking to

Our Alumni

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Yuzuka Nakanishi, Class of 2020

The SSIS College Counselling Program was helpful especially in the process of preparing the necessary application documents such as personal statement, presentation slides, and videos.

Full Story about Yuzuka Nakanishi, Class of 2020
Daniel Xia, Class of 2022

The SSIS College Counselling Program served great purpose within my university application process. I was extremely indecisive at first with my university choices, I had a range of locations I wanted to study in around the world.

Full Story about Daniel Xia, Class of 2022
Greg Kang, Class of 2021

I believe that the College Counselling Program was organized well and helpful to my journey, and all the counsellors were always trying to help students.

Full Story about Greg Kang, Class of 2021
Leon Zhang, Class of 2020

The SSIS College Counselling Program mainly helped me with my essay writing. High quality and compelling essays are integral for college applications, especially for North America.

Full Story about Leon Zhang, Class of 2020
Johnny Lee, Class of 2021

Without the SSIS College Counselling Program, I believe I would have faced lots of difficulties during my application process and even made wrong decisions for universities.

Full Story about Johnny Lee, Class of 2021



We love hearing about the fantastic things alumni are up to after graduation. We have had many inspiring, talented and interesting alumni share their stories and experience with us.