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Elementary School

In the Elementary School, students at SSIS develop their knowledge, skills, and understanding of concepts through inquiry-based learning. This puts the student at the heart of our learning process.

At SSIS we believe that each child enters our school already possessing a wide range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and understandings about the world and their place within it. It is our aim to celebrate and build on each child’s strengths, identify areas for growth and development, and work in partnership with parents to create a learning environment where all children will feel safe, supported, and successful. When children join our school, they are placed in the appropriate grade level according to their age.

The Elementary School (ELC to Grade 5) at SSIS employs the transdisciplinary approach of the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP). This means that we plan collaboratively and purposefully to maximize how learning experiences are conceptually connected between all subject areas. Subjects such as Math, Literacy (English and Chinese), Social Studies, Science, the Arts, and Design/Computer Technology all follow vertical alignment according to international standards, while also fitting within thematic Units of Inquiry.

We believe in a balanced and differentiated learning programme. Student learning is supported by specialists in the areas of Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance, and Library/Media Studies. In addition, all of our students learn Chinese daily, according to their level of need. Students also have access to English Additional Language teachers and Learning Support teachers who work directly with them and with their teachers to ensure the most effective and appropriate level of planning and support. 

The Elementary School further organized into Early Years (ELC to Kindergarten), Primary (Grades 1 to 5), and the German Department (Native German speakers).  Please follow the links below for more information regarding each of these programmes.

Early Years Programme

SSIS Early Years Program is specifically designed for the youngest international students age 2 to 6 years. It is delivered through play-based learning methods focusing on cultivating individual students holistic abilities, which encourage our youngest students to explore their environment, to be curious and to learn and develop understanding about the world around them.

Primary Years (Grades 1-5)

Grades 1-5 follows the IB Primary Years Programme. This prepares our students to become active, caring lifelong learners. Whilst we strive for academic success for each child, we also support them to become individuals who have a sense of integrity and compassion for others. 

Elementary German Curriculum

German Department provides the German National Curriculum in Grade1-4 for German native speakers.

Latest Elementary News

2023 PYP Exhibition

The Grade 5 students have just completed their PYP Exhibition, a culminating project at the end of the Primary Years Programme. 

Primary Sports Days

The annual primary sports day event was extended to two days, taking place on April 19 and April 27, with a diverse range of activities that challenged students in different ways.

SSIS Orchestra Spring Concert

SSIS proudly presented its highly anticipated Orchestra Spring Concert on Wednesday, April 26th. The concert was attended by parents, students, and faculty who enjoyed watching our talented musicians put on a fantastic performance.

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