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Middle Years Programme

Our Secondary School follows the IB Middle Years Programme for Grades 6 to 10. In our Secondary School we seek to provide a holistic and challenging learning experience for students.

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) provides a foundation for students to develop both academically and personally, filled with a variety of opportunities for all students to achieve success.

The MYP is an inclusive programme that embraces the unique learning styles and needs of the adolescent. It is a programme which prepares students for successful and mature approaches to learning. The MYP also serves as a basis for further studies in the IB Diploma Programme.

Subjects studied

In the MYP subjects are studied in eight curriculum areas so that a broad and balanced educational program is achieved.

Subject Area

Subjects Offered

Language & Literature (mother tongue speakers)

English, Chinese, German, Japanese and Korean

Language Acquisition
(non-mother tongue speakers)

English, Chinese and French





Integrated sciences 2

Individuals and Societies

Individuals and Societies

Physical Education

Physical and Health Education


Drama, Music and Visual Arts3


Digital Design, Food Design, Materials Design 

1. Mathematics Extended classes are provided in Grades 9 and 10

2. Integrated Sciences is a combination of Biology, Physics and Chemistry


Video created by Rory, Class of 2021