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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award, bringing together practical experiences and life skills to equip young people for life.

We are very proud to offer the prestigious International Award (better known as the Duke of Edinburgh award in the UK) to students who are 14 years old and above. It is an award that is closely aligned with our core values of Collaboration, Responsibility and to be meaningful participants in the community.

For many students, the highlight of each stage of the award is the expedition where the students must refine their camping skills and cooperate to navigate unforgiving terrain and expand their horizons. The expeditions are rewarding and challenging in equal measure. Independence and commitment are also paramount and cannot be underestimated in terms of successfully completing a stage of the award. Each student sets their own goals and records their own progress. The only person they compete against is themselves, by challenging their own beliefs about what they can achieve. Alongside the ‘trip’ students must also refine a skill, initiate and sustain an act of service and exert themselves in a physical discipline. The entire process is reflective and teaches our students to refine their skills and equips them with lifelong learning.



The further benefits for our students is to ensure that the programme is given the platform it deserves and that’s what makes it popular year after year. Those that take part develop further self-confidence and a self-motivating attitude that transcends into the classroom. They also hone their skills of research, problem solving and presentation which can be applied to almost any situation. For our High school students’, having an International Award on their College application or CV proves their willingness to try new things; their self-motivating attitude and their connection to broader society. These are all held in high esteem by potential Universities or employers. Please see the video below to learn more about the award.