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The “C” in CAS stands for CREATIVITY. This is defined by the IB organization as arts and other experiences that involve creative thinking. Our Secondary School offers a vibrant creativity programming that includes our visual arts department, music ensembles, drama productions, publications team, and academic clubs such as our debate team and Model UN.

Our visual arts department is comprised of talented and passionate teachers who direct students across several styles of art. From sculpting to paint on canvas to photography, the possibilities are endless. Each year our Grade 11 and Grade 12 display their work in a New York-style gallery format, bring their creations front and center to be displayed and admired by the SSIS community. 

We have many music ensembles at SSIS. A few highlights include our Taiko (Japanese) drum group, our concert band, the SSIS orchestra, the Secondary choir, and the popular Ukulele Ensemble. Students perform at several school functions throughout the year, compete in local music battles and often put on shows for the greater SSIS community.

For students who love theater, we have a strong drama department that takes full advantage of our black box theater and 650 seat auditorium. From improvisation workshops, opportunities to audition for our annual productions or star in a melodrama, there are many chances to shine. In previous years students have performed classics such as James and the Giant Peach, The Wizard of Oz and A Lad in Pants.

Our publications team works hard each year to put out an amazing yearbook, highlighting everything that has happened that academic year. In addition to the huge task of putting together the yearbook, our students can often be found photo documenting school events, putting together Hollywood style videos and writing articles for the weekly student blog – Dragon Press.

SSIS is a proud member of ACAMIS (Association of Chinese and Mongolian Schools), who hold an annual Cultural and Arts Festival. The festival is hosted each year by a different school in the ACAMIS network and enables our students to participate in a series of workshops while showcasing their unique works and talents.

Creativity Groups (Grades 6-12)