Dear Parents, Students and SSIS Community,

It is with great pleasure that we share with you this year’s IB Diploma results. The numbers really speak for themselves. When we have a 100% success rate with all of our students receiving the full diploma, with over 48% of the students achieving 40 points and above, there is very little we can say other than congratulations on an amazing success. Our first acknowledgment goes to all of our students who worked hard to achieve these results. We also acknowledge and congratulate our parents who have spent years supporting and guiding their children, and who have lost as much sleep as their children over the course of this journey! Finally, congratulations to our teachers for their outstanding effort and dedication. This is a celebration for our whole SSIS community. The numbers below reflect the years, months, days and hours of hard work that went into preparing for this achievement. 

This year's Diploma average is 38.89, the highest ever in the history of the school. In addition to our 100% pass rate, we also have two students who obtained a perfect score of 45 points, and two students who earned 44 points. In total, 22 students achieved over 40 points! In order to try and put this into perspective, getting 37 points at the Diploma is outstanding level of achievement by any standards, including the IB standards. A student achieves 37 points by getting a 6 in five subject areas and a 7 on the sixth subject area. Receiving a 6 or a 7 in any subject area is an amazing accomplishment, so to have so many SSIS students with such results is truly amazing. 

All over the world, when results are published it is common to only focus and share the top results to demonstrate our academic accomplishments and to celebrate those who achieved those results. However, at SSIS we celebrate the achievements and hard work of every student at the school. We are lucky to have so many talented students from athletes who excel, accomplished musicians and actors as well as our top achievers in the area of academics. This message is to congratulate each and every student, parent, and teachers who were part of educating the graduating class all the way from pre-nursery to grade 12.  

Please find below a summary of our results: 

  • 100% of full DP students earned Diploma 
  • Overall average for SSIS students: 38.89 (Highest ever for SSIS). The worldwide average was 33.02
  • 75.56% of our students earned bilingual diplomas including Language A courses in English, Chinese, Korean, German, and Danish. 
  • 86.67% of our students earned the highest possible grade in at least 1 subject (i.e. 7 in subject or A in either TOK or EE) 
  • 22 of 45 earned 40 or more points (48.89%). Worldwide only 17.77% of students achieved this level.
  • 2 students earned 45 points 
  • 2 students earned 44 points 

Wishing you all a happy, safe, and wonderful summer break.