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At SSIS, we are very proud of our faculty and staff team. SSIS attracts the highest caliber of teachers, more than half of our faculty team hold masters degrees and doctorates, with many of them serving as IB workshop leaders, examiners, evaluators and consultants. Our faculty team has over 150 dedicated professionals from more than 20 countries, each bringing their own unique perspective on teaching and learning.

As the new school year approaching, we are very excited to share that we will have a group of new teachers joining SSIS community. Some of them have already successfully arrived in China this summer, completed all the procedures for quarantine or observation and are ready to start!

Last week, a group of our new teachers came to school and participated the three-day new teacher orientation. Organized by school leadership team and orientation committee, the orientation helped our new teachers to get everything set up for the new school year, making sure they had a smooth transition into their new roles and life in Suzhou. During the orientation, new teachers were able to meet with other colleagues and joined a guided school tour to better familiarize themselves with SSIS campus and culture. They also actively engaged in learning the programs with IB coordinators. Next week, they will join the professional training along with returning faculty to get ready for the start of the new academic year.

Today, we would like to introduce some new SSIS teachers.