Learning Support Services

At SSIS, we recognize each student as a unique individual, coming to us with varying aspirations, abilities, interests, and needs. We also recognize that options for expatriate students with diverse learning needs is limited in Suzhou. In keeping with our mission of providing an excellent expatriate education, we work to provide support for students with learning diversities, and those who may require additional support to participate in our school programs and activities.
Our Learning Support team is made up of trained teachers who are committed to facilitating the inclusion of all students into our learning environments. Our team provides individualized and differentiated support to both the student and our homeroom teachers. Learning Support can take many forms and may include classroom accommodations, program modifications, in-class support and small group or individualized programming.
Meet Our Team

Learning. Collaborating. Facilitating. Supporting. Communicating. Caring.

As Elementary Student Services Coordinator, I have the opportunity to work with, and learn from, colleagues, students and families across the Early Years and Elementary sectors. I enjoy the diversity of my position as I not only work with an experienced team of learning facilitators, but liaise with external groups, and work closely with parents and teams to support our diverse student population.

I have completed a Master of Arts (International Education), a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Teaching and truly value the importance of educators continuing their personal learning journeys.

My family and I joined the SSIS community in August 2009 and have been enjoying our international experience ever since.

I graduated from Nanjing Normal University with a degree in Preschool Education. I then taught Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten children for five years at a local school. I have been teaching in the Early Years Programme at SSIS since 2004 and have focused on Learning Support since 2015. I got my certificate as a Psychological Counselor in 2017.

I love working with children, we learn many things from each other: love, caring, sharing, open-mindedness, communication, knowledge…. I am so glad to be a Learning Support teacher here at SSIS and I’m ready to support more children, parents and teachers.




Joining SSIS in 2013, I have been given the unique opportunity to help students in achieving their potential by tapping into their unique learning styles. My aim is to guide students to develop a strong sense of self and to take ownership of their learning, while becoming caring and responsible members of their community.

I have a Master's degree in Biochemical Research from Case Western Reserve University, Ohio and received my teaching certification from Florida. SSIS is an ideal environment for my education as it brings together the power of inquiry and learning across all disciplines.

I am from Detroit, Michigan and have also lived in India and Mexico, before moving to China. My family and I have been in China since 2008 and have loved our experience here. SSIS has been a big part of that experience for us, with both my kids graduating from SSIS and me being a Student Services Teacher for Elementary.

I graduated from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and achieved my bachelor degree in Electronic Commerce in 2014. After graduation, I worked in training organizations and local schools in Suzhou. I achieved my teaching certificate in 2017.

I joined SSIS in 2018 starting as a Teaching Assistant and that gives me a great opportunity to learn about our school and our children. Now, I have become a bilingual support teacher in our Elementary Student Services Department. When teaching, I regard each student as a unique individual and respect their diverse learning needs.




I joined SSIS as a Secondary Learning Support teacher in 2020. My family and I have lived in Japan, U.S.A. and Sri Lanka prior to moving to China. I hold Bachelor's of Arts in International Studies and Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. My passion for educating learners started to grow when my first son was born. He made me believe that all children are natural inquirers and capable of mastering all skills when they were given a positive and supportive learning environment. I also strongly believe that parents are an essential part of the child's development.. I am looking forward to building a good home-school partnership with parents.

There is limited access to specialized support services in Suzhou and at our school. We may not be able to meet the needs of every student, especially if they require a higher level of support. It is recommended that parents of students with special educational needs contact the Admissions Office before they decide to move to Suzhou so that we may work with you to determine if we are able to support your child.