School Services


SSIS provides direct bus services for students from the various districts in Suzhou, Wuxi and Kunshan.

The air-conditioned buses are equipped with speed and GPS tracking devices to help the school monitor the service and each bus has an adult supervisor. The SSIS bus service is optional.

The morning busses arrive at SSIS between 8.00 and 8.15 am and depart at 3.45pm. A “late bus” departs SSIS at 5.00 pm for students participating in after-school activities. (These busses are only for students in Grade 2 and above who participate in after-school activities. There are limited drop-off locations. )

Sample bus schedule

Sample after school activity bus schedule


Students may choose to purchase a snack for morning tea and/or a full hot meal for lunch, provided by the school's catering company, Sodexo.

An afternoon snack is also provided for Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten students.

The menu changes daily and weekly. The guidelines for providing our students’ meals are as follows:

  • Variety from food groups
  • Promoting healthy body weight
  • Controlling dietary fat
  • Providing adequate fruit, vegetables and wholegrain
  • Moderating the use of salt

The school also has a cafe, Le Café, designed to give members of the SSIS family, as well as those visiting the school, a place to meet and socialize.

Sample menu


All students from Pre-Nursery to Grade 10 are required to wear school uniform

The uniform package and individual items can be purchased from our DragonWare shop.

Shoes should be purchased separately and must be black in colour.

Students in Grade 11 and 12 are entitled to wear clothes of their own choice. However, their clothing should be in keeping with what is expected in a school environment.

Uniform Chart

Uniform Code

Local supplies of black shoes

Health Centre

SSIS has a fully operational school health centre staffed by qualified nurses during the entire school day.

The nurses are able to administer first aid. However, if the situation is serious enough to require other treatment, the student will be taken to the nearest hospital. If an accident or sudden serious illness occurs at school, every effort will be made to contact parents, but immediate treatment of the injured student is our first concern.

Should a child require medication during the course of the school day, the medication must be held and administered by the school nurse. Parents are encouraged to contact the health centre directly to discuss medication and medical concerns with the school nurse. The school nurse must be notified if a child is on short-term or long-term medication.

SSIS has insurance to cover an accident which occurs during school related activities. However, all medical fees and any other expenses shall be borne by the parents. Students are required to have effective health and accident insurance.